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Greetings BonesBallers from “The Flow Zone”

Do you believe in life after death? I hope so, cause TV stars, sports stars, acting legends, naked celebrities, and whole political systems are living and dying in record numbers as we speak.  Careers going up and down. Young stars like Diem Brown dying too soon (I know – for you non-MTV freaks you’re saying, “Who’s Diem Brown?”) Jim Carrey maybe trying to come back to career life in dumb and dumber.  (Who said his career was dead?)

All ideas about any “truth” in human life are subjectively true/false questions on the “Why are you here?” exam.) Derrick Rose’s entire body is day-to-day, as they say in the sports world when the team really needs a star to play and they want to give the fans hope. Actually, Derrick seems to have let that Rah-Rah, All-for-the-Team attitude die, as he’s thinking long-term about not ending up a 40-year-old cripple by taking one more surgery for the team. (Of all the nerve!!)

Will Bill Cosby’s career survive rape allegations or will his career as one of our most revered funny men die a worse death than he can ever imagine? The Cos seemed to be Teflon, having emerged unscathed from previous scandals with his unrelenting lecture to the Black community to get it’s act together intact, which needless to say, Black folk did not find funny but took seriously – in terms of saying – “You may have given millions to Spelman College but don’t be telling me I’m dead unless I get an education and then still won’t be able to get a job paying more than minimum wage!” Moral of the story: no matter who you are, no matter what amount of good you do – we build em up and we tear em down! Will the Cos get another job?

But wait!! They say the job market is coming back to life after being dead for at least 5 or 6 years. Could there be life after death for the job market? Well maybe, but first we have to find the “job killers” and bring them to justice. Oh no! The justice system died again!! But wait! Kim Kardasian just brought her (pause) career back to life with full frontal and “back-al” nudity. (Good job Kim???) Kim is the only celebrity whose career will never die since she has a spiritual selfie book coming out called The Immortal Me!!  If we all could just take a selfie of ourselves that would really tell us who we are -wouldn’t we find some kind of eternal connection between the oneness of the reality and the illusion of ourselves and all the other selfies? And rather than die, would we realize that with that selfie, we are immortal too? Life after death! Yea!!! Finally. Pop culture gets spiritual. Yea???

BonesBallers are all into this hope, this dream that our physical selves are just a pile of bones. We, like everyone else, have this “need’ to transcend the limits of a body that lives and/or dies, and daily we search for the answer to the question,  “Who sells and why buy that kind of need?”

But in the Flow Zone, where we try to live as much as possible, we know it’s all a game and just like all the great ones we watch do amazing things – the ones who want the ball when the game is on the line – we work at being out of our minds (in a good way) and seeing the game slow down, seeing the taking and making of our shot in life becoming easier as the stakes seem to get higher and higher.

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Do we secretly like chaos? Do we actually need chaos? Do we somehow need to be glued to the small and large dramas that seem to be going on all the time in the sports world, the political world and most importantly, in the reality show world?

Kevin Youkilis got traded this weekend from the Red Sox to the White Sox. It seems that after being a major reason the Red Sox won two world championships, Kevin was now often injured and this year, was not hitting very well. More importantly though, Kevin and new Manager Bobby Valentine had a “style” clash. Bobby didn’t feel that Youkilis fit in with the new style he and the other higher ups envision for the team. Youkilis did not like Bobby Valentine so he had to go. No one likes Bobby Valentine. But somebody thinks he can retool Boston’s winning style. Bobby lives and breathes chaos but ownership feels that the chaos he brings will result in winning. Go figure.

Kim and Kanye? Is it for real? We don’t really care! We love the illusion and we await the major storm that’s sure to come. If it does not come we can no longer follow them in the world of celebrities begging you to “like” them even as they ignore you.

Tropical Storm Debbie? She didn’t become a hurricane? Who needs her? Debbie actually exists. She is real. The destruction she caused is real but we might have liked her more had she become a hurricane and caused more destruction and even lots of loss of life.

As sick as it sounds, we have been taught to love chaos and destruction. Unless it’s happening to us, it’s Must See TV. But the problem with real storms like Debbie is that they end too soon.
We prefer storms like Kim Kardashian, the ones that just go on and on and on. Kim and Kanye are an ongoing pop culture phenomenon!

Kanye will surely produce a record for Kim, and that record will somehow be big, and Kanye will surpass the legendary Jay Z and his lady Beyonce in hip hop power couple superiority. Of course this will create a chaotic, unbridled, illusionary hate fest between Jay Z and Kanye, revealed on some seemingly unavailable mix tape that happens to become number one on iTunes. “Who cares?” you say.

Millions !!

I confess I would like to hear that tape. What’s wrong with me?

But now let’s turn to the seemingly less dramatic, but even stormier political world. The Supreme Court ruled on the Arizona Immigration Law and struck down lots of it, but left in place the DWL (Driving while Latin) clause. You know the one – you can be stopped and asked for your immigration papers if you look like an illegal alien. What if you just look like an alien? Nevermind! The storm front in the name of Mitt Romney rolls into Arizona today on a fund raising mission and will have to address this issue. No matter what your political leanings are, this will be great TV.

And we BonesBallers are into observing the spectacle in hopes of coming up with our own ideas about what’s real. We see through the attempt to sell us the style sandwich with everything on it. Will Romney change his opinion on immigration to win Latino votes? Or will he just try to look like a president should look to the Obama haters?


This just in!

Romney blames the Supreme Court vote on Obama for not advocating a more comprehensive immigration reform policy.

BonesBallers unite!

No matter whom we vote for, we’ve seen enough clowns come out of the Volkswagon at the circus.

Barry Orms
Ex NBA player and now BonesBaller

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The Devil in Brodeur

New Jersey Devils and Marin BrodeurThe New Jersey Devils have advanced to the Stanley Cup Finals led by Marin Brodeur – their 40 year old goal tender. Brodeur now seeks to add 2012 to the Devils’ wins of the Stanley cup in 1995, 2000 and 2003.
In athletic terms he seems as old as the Devil himself. But actually, Brodeur exemplifies the real significance of the team being called the Devils. Many teams have chosen the name of “The Devils” to strike fear in an opponent or just to have an excuse to use the color red in their uniforms. But for us BonesBallers, the devil is all about “the devil in the details.” Brodeur’s experience, his “having been there before,” was pointed out as essential to the success of the Devils. Because “Having been there” implies that he’s mastered the details, he’s met all the devils.

In today’s fast paced “all or nothing,” “win or fail” personality driven world, the sports psychologist has become an essential player in keeping the young thoroughbred athletes ready to race up and down the court or field. But too often the fast pace pushes us to devalue the details, because attention to detail, can slow us down. Not our game, but our aggressive push towards the goal line, towards the glory!
Keeping young athletes psychologically ready was never a problem before because “detail” was understood as an integral part of readiness.

But now we have the huge salaries and 24/7 media coverage resulting in constant celebrity building up and tearing down –based on off the court and pre-game, hyped-up expectation. Who has time for details when you gotta make a splash in the eyes and pumping fists of the fans?
The coaches have to become showmen to keep up with over the top players and the fans needs to feel more and more part of the teams.

Everybody is feeding the frenzy, from the players to coaches to media experts to announcers to reporters to a TV show in which a therapist is on hand to get the failing athlete back on the personal and professional road to glory.

In this constant frenzy to fulfill our fantasies of ever increasing power and invincibility, we forget the hard work and attention to detail necessary to win consistently on the biggest stages. But not Martin Brodeur
“Actually, it was fun,” Brodeur said. “But at the end of the day, we were in a position that the next goal is going to win. So in my head, the overtime started in the third period. And that’s the way I approached the third period coming in. So every save was important. Every shot that we took on Lundqvist was important.”

BonesBallers know that experience and attention to detail is the key to worshipping the Devil in a good way (even if you don’t believe there is a devil). In the words of Brodeur “every save, every shot was important.”
The Wise notes, “The slang term ‘the devil is in the details’ has a number of different senses. All of the meanings for the term boil down to the fact that it is often the small details of something that make it difficult or challenging. These details can prolong a task, or foil an otherwise straightforward dealing. Like many proverbs that involve the devil, this one is meant to sound a note of caution. It may also be used to excuse or explain the obfuscation of an otherwise very simple project or task.

BonesBallers desire to be in “the zone” and to perform from there.

It is the attention to detail in practice, in game preparation, knowledge building, relationship nurturing, alliance and friendship building that lead to excellence on the small or big stage.
How do we get experience without being Brodeur, no matter what point in our career we are at? We start by acknowledging that our soul has a destiny, a purpose, a reason to pursue greatness. We do this by attending to the details by seeing our quest as one of paying attention to simple tasks, setting goals to complete them, understanding each one as essential to fulfilling that “soul destiny.”
“Who knew” it would be good to have faith in the devil?

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